Prayer Partner Contacts Display Panel Row-Column Form

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(HELP ?) Circles provide narratives on Training, Explanations, and Hints. These can be related to the overall screen, or to specific items on the screen.

This (HELP ?) Circle narrative is for the “PRAYER PARTNERS” Screen and the “PRAYER PARTNERS” Tab and Display Panel in the PrayerLink product.

Prayer Partners Screen Layout in PrayerLink:

- Product Bar: PrayerLink
- Operations Bar: Prayer Partners Tab
- Information Bar: Prayer Partners
- Navigation Panel: Reset, Search, Add New Prayer Partner, Import Prayer Partners
- Display Panel: Prayer Partner ROW/COLUMN Form

When you login to the PrayerLink Administrator module, the default ROW/COLUMN Form will be shown in the “PRAYER PARTNERS” Tab Display Panel . It will show all Prayer Partner contact records in the database.

Section 1 - Navigation Panel:

At the top of the Navigation Panel , your church name will appear.

Following that will be the various navigations and functions pertaining to the “PRAYER PARTNERS” Tab Display Panel .

Section 2 " Display Panel:

This section is the ROW/COLUMN Form area of the screen. It is located immediately under the Operations Bar & Information Bar , and just to the right of the Navigation Panel .

When the Operations Bar is set to the “PRAYER PARTNERS” Tab, this is where individual Prayer Partner contact records from the database are displayed for you to see and use.

The default sorting presentation for this Display Panel is controlled in the Configuration File. Your MasterAdmin can choose to show records listed in descending sequence by “DATE ADDED” Column; or in Lastname Firstname ascending sequence in the “FIRSTNAME LASTNAME” Column.

Here are some other features regarding the “PRAYER PARTNERS” Screen Display Panel :

• The people (Prayer Partner contact records) shown in the ROW/COLUMN Form are considered to be “active records”. For ease of use, the records are displayed in a “spreadsheet style” layout. Each person is on a separate row, and the person’s data is shown in the columns for that row.

• The number of active records shown in the ROW/COLUMN Form is a configurable option that the MasterAdmin can change in the Configuration File. It is typically set at 50, 100, or 150 records per page, and the [NEXT] [BACK] [FIRST] [LAST] Buttons are provided for scrolling through the records when more are active than can be displayed on the screen.

• If you use the “SEARCH” Hyperlink Function to choose specific contact records to be “active records”, only those will display in the ROW/COLUMN Form.

• To activate all records again (allowing all records to be displayed in the ROW/COLUMN Form), click the “RESET” Hyperlink at the top of the Navigation Panel just above the “SEARCH” Hyperlink.

• If the column header has an “Up Arrow” and “Down Arrow” next to the column title, it means you can sort the active records in the ROW/COLUMN Form using the values in that column. “Up Arrow” sorts into ascending sequence, and “Down Arrow” sorts the active contact records into descending sequence.

• If the column header has the “Two Circular Arrows” symbol next to the column title, it means you can customize the Display Panel by toggling between two or more uses for the column. For example, the “DATE ADDED” Column can be toggled to become the “PROFILE MODIFIED” Column. You can toggle back and forth between the two.

Here is an overview of each column:

“ROW NUMBER” Column:
This is an optional column. The MasterAdmin can turn it on or off in the Configuration File. If it is turned on, the “spreadsheet-style” rows will be numbered. The first row in the ROW/COLUMN Form will be row 1, the next will be row 2, and so forth. But if this column is turned on and appears in your ROW/COLUMN Form, it will not have a column header.

“SELECT” Column:
This column offers “highlighting” Checkboxes. When you click a Checkbox, that row is highlighted. You may highlight one or more rows. This feature is provided as a convenience if you need to focus on certain rows of records (focus on certain people).

There are also special effect buttons above and below the “SELECT” Column that you can use to retain or exclude highlighted rows. In effect, this removes the records you do not want to see, leaving as active records only those you do want to see and use.

This is a “toggle” column that can display either a “DATE ADDED” Column or a “PROFILE MODIFIED” Column depending upon which toggle option is active. If you click the “Circular Arrows” Symbol in the column header, the column changes from the active option to the other option. The “Circular Arrows” Symbol toggles the column back and forth between “Date Added” and “Profile Modified”.

“DATE ADDED” Column:
This column shows the date this person (this database record) was created or added to the system. This column is also one of two choices to be the default sorting column for all records displayed in this “PRAYER PARTNER” Screen Display Panel . If this column is the default for sorting (setting is in the Configuration File), active records will be sorted in descending values in this “DATE ADDED” Column. In the default sorting, the most recently added people will be at the top, the oldest at the bottom of the list of active contact records. Of course, you may always use sort options in one of the other columns to change the presentation order.

This column shows the date of the most recent update to this person’s Profile. With this toggle option active, you can view the date of the last time someone updated a person’s Profile from the Administrator module, or the last time a person made their own Profile update from the Prayer Portal module.

This column may also contain several status hyperlinks (defined in the following paragraphs). Two in particular are labeled “Verified” or “Pending”. These hyperlinks can be toggled back and forth just by clicking on them. Finally, it displays a special “Login” hyperlink.

In PENDING status, this person cannot login to the system. They have no access or privileges and do not appear in Email distribution selections.

Only people with VERIFIED status can login. You can quickly disable a person’s ability to login, without deleting their database information (without deleting their contact record), by clicking the “VERIFIED” Hyperlink to toggle it to a “PENDING” Hyperlink.

You can use the “LOGIN” Hyperlink to login to the Prayer Portal module as this person. You cannot see the person’s Password anywhere in PrayerLink, so this feature permits an authorized Admin to login as them without knowing their password.

The purpose of this feature is so that you can initiate a Password reset for people who forget their Password and don’t have an email address to do it themselves. There is a special [ADMIN CHANGE PASSWORD] Button that appears on their “PROFILE” Screen for you to use. If they have an email address, they can get a fresh Password themselves from the Member Portal “LOGIN” Screen.

Only the MasterAdmin and SysAdmin permission levels can use the “LOGIN” Hyperlink - other permission levels will not see it.

This column shows a small copy of the digital photo associated with this contact record. It helps you to “put a face with a name!” The photo can be added or updated from the “PROFILE” Screen. A ghost image will be displayed if a photo has not yet been provided.

The photo is also a hyperlink that takes you to the “PROFILE” Screen for the person identified in the “FIRSTNAME LASTNAME” Column. Click the photo, and there you can view, update and maintain the Profile data for that person.

Under the photo, there is an “EDIT” Hyperlink. Clicking it is like clicking on the photo itself, it takes you to the “PROFILE” Screen for the person.

“EMAIL” Column:
This column shows the email address of the person displayed in the ROW/COLUMN Form row.

This column shows the first name and last name of the person identified in the Prayer Partner contact record. This column is also one of two choices to be the default sorting column for all records displayed in this “PRAYER PARTNERS” Screen Display Panel .

Each row in the display is an active contact record. Using the “Up Arrow” and “Down Arrow”, you can sort the Display Panel active records by first name ascending or descending, or by last name ascending or descending.

“ADDRESS” Column:
This column shows the street address of the person displayed in the ROW/COLUMN Form row.

“CITY” Column:
This column shows the city of the person displayed in the ROW/COLUMN Form row.

“STATE” Column:
This column shows the state of the person displayed in the ROW/COLUMN Form row.

“PHONE” Column:
This column shows the phone number of the person displayed in the ROW/COLUMN Form row.

“REMOVE” Column:
This column allows you to delete existing Prayer Partner contact records. Use the Checkboxes to identify the people you want to remove - meaning you want to delete them from the system. Click the Checkbox to turn it on for any contact record you wish to delete. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the [PERMANENTLY DELETE CHECKED PRAYER PARTNER(S)] Button.

** Warning: Deleted contact records (which means deleted people) disappear from the database and cannot be recovered. They are gone! Please be careful when deleting contact records from the system.

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