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Before proceeding, please be sure you have previously clicked the (HELP ?) Circle that leads to the narrative on ”Overview and Basics: Using the Email Function”. Being familiar with the general information about the “SEND EMAIL TO PRAYER PARTNERS” Screen may be helpful to you.

The following information relates specifically to the “Your Email Address” entry box.

Using the “Your Email Address” Entry Box:

After you have built your distribution list, in the “WHO GETS THIS EMAIL?” Window, you will have an opportunity to enter the “SENDER Email Address”.

You will see a box for “YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS” directly under the [UNCHECK ALL] [CHECK ALL] Toggle Buttons. The default for this entry box is “blank” or empty and you have to enter a valid email address. The email address can be your email address, or it can be a generic email address for your church office rather than the one for the person logged into PrayerLink.

The email address you enter must be formatted properly (ex. If you want recipients to be able to click “Reply” and respond back to you, the email address you enter must also be from a “valid, active” email provider account.

** Important:
The reason the email address box is blank is because some email service providers have started to block delivery to their recipients if the sender’s email address doesn’t match the sender’s service provider. Service providers we know about thus far that perform this level of security checking are AOL and Yahoo. It is likely others will do the same soon.

Explanation of the Problem:

When you send a message from this PrayerLink email engine, it doesn’t matter which company is your email address provider… the message still appears to be from the PrayerLink system. You may have a Yahoo or Verizon or AOL or Gmail email address, but the sending system is this one, not any of those.

Consequently, when an intended recipient is using Yahoo, for example, the Yahoo email engine looks at your sender email address and sees it is from Yahoo, but it also sees the sending email engine is not Yahoo. Yahoo decides the incoming message must be a fraud, and blocks it from going to the intended Yahoo recipient. AOL is doing the same thing. It is likely others will do the same soon.

Why is the “Your Email Address” entry box blank?

It is blank so that it you are forced to stop and consider which sender address you want to use with this message. Those of you that have AOL or Yahoo email addresses should not use those addresses in the “Your Email Address” box of this message.

If you have an AOL email address, AOL will not let you send this message to other AOL people. It is the same for Yahoo senders going to Yahoo recipients.

Solutions to this Problem:

Instead of using an AOL or Yahoo “sending address”, use something else.

- You can use the church office address if it is not from AOL or Yahoo. However, soon other email addresses may also be blocked.

- You can get another address for yourself to use… there are other email address providers, in addition to AOL and Yahoo, that offer free email accounts. Gmail is one example that may work for you.

- You can contact your PrayerLink Support Team and we will provide you with a free “redirect address” that doesn’t look like you are using AOL or Yahoo but also redirects Reply messages to your email address so that you can continue to use AOL or Yahoo.

** Note: Your PrayerLink Support Team regrets that you cannot use an AOL or Yahoo or Verizon, etc. email address and expect the message to be delivered to all your recipients. However, we cannot control the actions and security policies of the recipient email providers.

What we can do is alert you, keep you updated, and continue to provide you with this powerful email engine and the best possible service! And, we will provide you with a “redirect email address” when you request it, for those AOL and Yahoo people who prefer not to setup an account with another provider!

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