Email - Using the Save & Restore Draft Buttons

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(HELP ?) Circles provide narratives on Training, Explanations, and Hints. These can be related to the overall screen, or to specific items on the screen.

You found the (HELP ?) Circle narrative for “Using the Save Draft button and Restore Draft buttons” by clicking the (COMPREHENSIVE HELP ?) Circle on the “SEND EMAIL TO PRAYER PARTNERS” Screen in PrayerLink or any of the other screens related to “Emailing” that have this (COMPREHENSIVE HELP ?) Circle.

Before proceeding, please be sure you have previously clicked the (HELP ?) Circle that leads to the narrative on ”Overview and Basics: Using the Email Function”. Being familiar with the general information about the “SEND EMAIL TO PRAYER PARTNERS” Screen may be helpful to you.

The following information relates specifically to the “Save Draft” and “Restore Draft” feature for email messages and text messages.

Using the “Save Draft” Feature:

At any time during the process of building an email message, you could be interrupted by circumstances, phone calls, or by people. We provide a [SAVE DRAFT] Button for just such situations.

At any time in the process of creating or building the message, you can click on the [SAVE DRAFT] Button to save your work. Then you can leave the Email function, come back at a later time, and retrieve the partial message by using the [RESTORE DRAFT] Button.

When you click on the [SAVE DRAFT] Button, the system immediately saves the draft. It gives the draft a name that includes the date and time of the Save. You do not see anything happen, but the draft is named and saved “behind the scenes” so after clicking the button, you can leave the “SEND EMAIL TO PRAYER PARTNERS” Screen.

Using the “Restore Draft” Feature:

When you perform the “Restore Draft” function, click the [RESTORE DRAFT] Button and you will see a list of all the drafts you have saved previously but have not yet deleted. The name of the saved drafts will include the date and time of the save, so that you know which one to select for the “Restore Draft” function.

Click the “Radio Button” next to the one you want to retrieve (restore) and then click the [SELECT DRAFT] Button. The “SEND EMAIL TO PRAYER PARTNERS” Screen will return to where you left off at the time you Saved the message draft. The draft will even have, in the “WHO GETS THIS EMAIL?” Window, the distribution list you had selected prior to saving it.

** Note: Drafts will remain on the Saved Draft list until you delete them. Restoring a draft does not delete it from the Saved Draft list.

Deleting “Saved Drafts”:

To delete “Saved Drafts”:

- First, click the [RESTORE DRAFT] Button.

- Second, click the “Radio Button” next to the draft you want to delete.

- Finally, click the [DELETE DRAFT] Button. That draft will be deleted, but any other Saved Drafts will still be there to use later.

** Important:
As you know from reviewing other (HELP ?) Circle narratives related to this screen, you should create or build your distribution list before entering your message.

However, here is a tip for how to send the same message to a different distribution list without having to re-enter the message.

(You cannot use the Save Draft and Restore Draft functions, because Restore Draft will restore the original distribution list. And after sending a message, if you use the Search function to build another distribution list, the message Subject and Body will be blanked out.)

To avoid having to re-enter the entire message, use the Copy and Paste capability of your Browser. Just prior to sending the first message, “Copy” what you typed into the Message entry box. Then after sending the message, you can go to the Search function and build your next distribution list. After building it, you can “Paste” the message back into the Message entry box.

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