Email - Browsing to Find and Attach a File

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(HELP ?) Circles provide narratives on Training, Explanations, and Hints. These can be related to the overall screen, or to specific items on the screen.

You found the (HELP ?) Circle narrative for “Using the Browse button to select a file to attach” by clicking the (COMPREHENSIVE HELP ?) Circle on the “SEND EMAIL TO PRAYER PARTNERS” Screen in PrayerLink or any of the other screens related to “Emailing” that have this (COMPREHENSIVE HELP ?) Circle.

Before proceeding, please be sure you have previously clicked the (HELP ?) Circle that leads to the narrative on ”Overview and Basics: Using the Email Function”. Being familiar with the general information about the “SEND EMAIL TO PRAYER PARTNERS” Screen may be helpful to you.

The following information relates specifically to attaching a document or file to the email message.

Browsing to Find and Attach a File:

One of the options on this “SEND EMAIL TO PRAYER PARTNERS” Screen, as you work through the process of creating a message to send, is to attach a file to the message.

Like with many email systems, before you send the message you can attach a file such as a Word or Excel document, a PowerPoint slide show, a PDF, a photo, etc. Some email systems may let you attach multiple files to a single message, but with this PrayerLink product, you may only attach a maximum of two files to a message.

To ensure rapid delivery of the message, the system stores the file(s) instead of actually attaching it and transmitting it. The file is not transmitted with the message, keeping the transmission size quite small. The recipient does not have to wait on the file to download as part of receiving the message. This makes the message reception quite speedy since no attachments are downloaded even if there are attachments.

Instead, the system imbeds a hyperlink into the message that points to the stored file. The recipient will find the hyperlink at the end of your message.

The recipient receives your simple, plain text message that is small in size and can be delivered quickly. When the recipient opens the message, he or she can click the hyperlink at the bottom of the message to receive the stored attachment. Clicking the hyperlink will download the attachment and permit viewing of the file. The downloaded file can also be saved by the recipient to their own computer’s storage device for use later, to read again or to print.

This method of handling attachments ensures speedy delivery of your message. It also minimizes the possibility that the message will be rejected by security filters as being too large or possibly being harmful to the recipient’s computer.

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