Prayer Partner - My Profile INFO FORM and Display Panel

CAA Product Help

(HELP ?) Circles provide narratives on Training, Explanations, and Hints. These can be related to the overall screen, or to specific items on the screen.

This (HELP ?) Circle narrative is for the “MY PROFILE” Screen or the Display Panel in PrayerLink Portal module.

General Overview:

This PrayerLink screen is comprised of four parts.
- Product Bar
- Operations Bar (My Profile, Global Wall, Church Wall tabs)
- Information Bar
- Navigation Panel (more info below)
- Display Panel (more info below)

Navigation Panel:

This section is on the left side of the screen immediately under the Operations Bar and Information Bar . It shows the Navigation choices available within the selected operation (in this case, the “MY PROFILE” Tab and Display Panel ).

** Note: The Permission Level of the person logged in here will dictate which of the Navigation Links they see and may access.

The Navigation Panel will typically include the following:
- Your church name at the top
- The Navigation Links for use with this active “MY PROFILE” Screen.
- Special Links pertaining to your church, like your website for example.
- The CAA Copyright Notice at the bottom

This Navigation Panel will have the following Link available:

- LogOut Hyperlink: When you are finished with your PrayerLink work, click the [LOGOUT] HyperLink to leave the system.

Display Panel:

This section of the screen is the large area immediately under the Operations Bar and Information Bar and just to the right of the Navigation Panel . It shows the “Profile” DATA FORM " the data about you.

Things you can do from this area:
- You can change your Username and Password.
- You can remove your Photo.
- You can upload a new Photo.
- You can update your contact data, such as address, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Keeping this data accurate will be a big help to your church leaders and church office workers.
- You can change your Church Name and Pastor Name.
- You can change your Prayer Wall Setup Options.

Click the [MODIFY THIS PROFILE] Button to save your changes. If you leave this “MY PROFILE” Screen before clicking this button, your updates will not be applied.

** Note: There is a special [ADMIN CHANGE PASSWORD] Button at the top center of this Display Panel that only appears to the MasterAdmin and SysAdmin(s). It permits these permission levels to initiate a Password reset for you if you have forgotten your Password and don’t have your own email address. If you have an email address, you can get a new Password yourself with the “Forgot My Password” feature on the Member Portal “LOGIN” Screen.

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